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Most of the time, homeowners think about electrical upgrades only as they affect other upgrades or to resolve an issue that is going on. However, it might surprise you that a few custom home wiring ideas could make your home more functional, enjoyable, and beautiful. Here are some cool ideas you might just want to incorporate either as part of a renovation or all on their own:

Custom Home Wiring

  • Move bedroom light switches from near the doorway to either side of your bed at nightstand level for the outlets that operate your reading lamps. Also, keep the overhead by the door but make it a 3-way so you can shut it off from the comfort of your bed.
  • Speaking of bedside convenience, have outlets and USB outlets installed so you can easily plug in your electronics and mobile devices for overnight charging or powering up when relaxing in bed with a good eBook, game, or video watching. You can also add USB outlets to other places in your home where you frequently recharge your mobile devices.
  • Change out your closet lights for automatic ones. This is far more convenient at a time you usually have your hands full and saves you from wondering if you shut it off later. Automatic lights are also a great addition in other places, as well.
  • Looking for a clean look in the kitchen? Move the outlets under the wall cabinets instead of being smack dab in the middle of your beautiful new backsplash. You can even relocate the switch for the garbage disposal.
  • Get ready for the holidays with a receptacle up at the eaves with a switch in your foyer closet. No more unsightly extension cords for powering the icicle lights along your roofline!

Here at 5 Star Electrical LLC, we are more than happy to help you with custom home wiring for these and any other great ideas you may have. Of course, we will have to comply with any building codes, but beyond that your imagination rules. We are solution-oriented to light up your life in as many ways as possible.