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LED lighting has taken center stage and is the lighting option of choice for many consumers thanks to the many benefits it offers. The most appealing benefit that LED lights offer consumers is energy efficiency. Compared with traditional light bulbs, LED lights are 80 to 90% more efficient. The average LED light also only uses approximately 1/30th of the energy costs of traditional lighting.

LED Lights: Efficiently Lighting the Way

LED LightsLED lights first became popular in businesses where lighting was used for several hours during the day, and sometimes around the clock. The maintenance costs of replacing burned out light bulbs on an on-going basis far exceeded the initial purchase of the LED lights. Today, the cost of LED lighting has become more affordable and is now the preferred type of household lighting as well.

In addition to being energy efficient, LED lights don’t create heat within their bulbs. Compared with traditional light bulbs, which have an estimated lifespan of one year, LED lights can last for over 10 years when used for the same amount of time every day.

Additionally, LED lights emit direct light in a specific direction, eliminating the need for reflectors. They are designed with several small lights aimed in varying directions giving off an array of light throughout the bulb and allowing a brighter light in a smaller area.

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