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Home theater installationIf you want a professional results in your home theater, you should seriously consider a professional home theater installation. With so many variables to think about, it is good to consult somebody with the technical knowledge to give you the results you really want.

One decision you will have to make is what kind of viewing system you want to use. Using a high-quality television may be the simpler solution and appropriate for small rooms, but if you really want an at-home movie theater experience, a projector and screen system will provide a more satisfactory result. One exception to this is if you are using a brighter room for your home theater, in which case you may consider an LCD television that will perform better in this environment. You will also have to decide what picture quality you want, with the current best picture quality coming with the new 2160p (also called 4K Ultra HD) option. In general, more pixels equal a better picture.

You may also want your system set up to run multiple video sources, including gaming systems, DVD or Blu-ray players, as well as internet-capable options like an AppleTV or Chromecast. You will want to make sure your television or projector is equipped with enough inputs to satisfy your requirements, or consider purchasing a smart TV that can access the Internet directly.

The real advantage to a professional home theater installation becomes apparent as you consider your sound system options. For movie theater quality sound, you will need surround sound with multiple speakers. Multiple speakers mean a lot of wires, and to avoid trip hazards, these wires are best installed safety behind walls and in ceilings. A professional installer can also advise you about speaker placement and room arrangement.