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The thing that really sets home theater installation apart from an ordinary TV setup is surround sound. For a basic surround sound system, you need 2 or 3 speakers in front, and 2 or 3 speakers to the sides and at the back. The various speakers are able to deliver different sound information because the audio signal is split into multiple channels.

The Coolest Thing About Home Theater Installation Is Surround Sound

With home theater installation, the prominent sounds come from the speakers at the front. When something is making a noise or someone is talking on the left side of the screen, you’ll hear it from the speakers on the left. When the sounds are occurring on the right, they’ll come from the speakers on the right. One main speaker sits in the middle, just above or under the screen. It is very important because it anchors sounds coming from the left and right, allowing all sound effects and dialogue to come from the center of the screen, rather than from the sides only.

In home theater installations, the speakers at the back fill in various background noises in a movie – the sound of a plane overhead, rushing water, dogs barking, etc. They also work with the front speakers to deliver the sensation of movement – for example, a sound starts at the front and then moves to the back.

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