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kitchen lightingRising food and gas prices might have put a damper on your remodeling plans this year, but there are some cost-effective ways to update your kitchen. Just changing the lighting fixtures over a center island or breakfast nook can have a big aesthetic impact, creating a more up-to-date, fresher look – and it’s a lot cheaper than replacing the countertops or cabinets.

Perhaps that 1980s island light that came with the house or those old 1960s pendants are clashing with the stainless steel dishwasher or fridge you bought a few years ago. If your only source of kitchen lighting is coming from recessed cans, adding a few fixtures can serve as functional and visual focal points over the island and/or casual eating area.

The first must-have update for kitchen lighting is the installation of dimmers. The greatest benefit of these is that the quality of the existing lighting will immediately be more flexible and comfortable than what you had before. Dimming allows you to adjust the level of lighting to match the task at hand. For example, during food prep and cooking, the lights can be at full strength. At other times – late at night, early in the morning, or after dinner – when kitchen lighting requirements aren’t so demanding, you can set the lights at a more subdued level.

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