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ELECTRICIAN IN TAMPA, FLIf there is one thing people in Florida know about, it is the potential for being flooded. It can go from a sunny day to a downpour in moments and sometimes, a severe storm can send a few inches of water into your home. While water damage is the first thing on your mind, such as getting wet drywall, water damaged cabinetry, and soaked carpeting removed, you should also call an electrician.

It might seem unnecessary to call an electrician if the flood waters didn’t go above the wall outlets, which are placed strategically high enough to avoid being underwater in mild to moderate flooding. However, moisture issues can take time to show up and let’s face it, electricity and water/moisture do not mix. Any outlets, switches, or wiring that has come in contact with flood water should be replaced because corrosive damage can occur.

Another situation that can arise is when the demolition team taking the cabinetry, carpeting or drywall out manages to damage some wiring. When the demolition is complete, have an electrician check the wiring so that repairs can be made before the new drywall goes up is essential. It isn’t a bad idea to have the electrician return afterward to make sure the installation didn’t hit a circuit either. It may seem unlikely, but it has happened.

If your home is flooded, don’t go inside until you are absolutely certain the power is off. If you have any questions, call an electrician here at 5 Star Electrical LLC to check for you and get started inspecting your property for potential wiring, outlet, and other electrical concerns. We’ll make sure that your home is safe during and after the flood damage has been resolved.