Office Lighting, Tampa, FL

Is your Tampa office lighting costing your business money? Let us help!

OFFICE LIGHTING IN TAMPA, FLORIDAIs your office lighting conducive to productive work results? Does it cast the right light to impress your clients? Are the office lighting fixtures in your building ho-hum? Is your office lighting energy-efficient? These are just a few of the things that our team at 5 Star Electrical LLC can help you improve in Tampa, Florida. Each of these items is more critical to your business success than you might realize.

Productivity – Your staff works better when eye strain due to poor lighting doesn’t zap their energy or give them headaches. Just seeing better alone can easily boost productivity. A study conducted by the Reno, Nevada post office showed that when they upgraded their electrical systems, including lighting, improved performance resulted in roughly half a million dollars in increased annual revenue.

Appearance – If your business has clients who visit, it is a proven fact that a welcoming atmosphere, including good lighting and attractive lighting fixtures, will boost satisfaction and thus word of mouth advertising, not to mention repeat business.

Efficiency – Today’s office lighting options are incredibly energy-efficient compared to lighting offered just a decade ago. Not only will you save on the electricity to run the lighting, but they do not put off as much heat, which will save on your cooling costs as well. The Reno post office found itself saving $50,000 per year in utility costs because of these improvements.
While your office may not be the size and caliber of the Reno post office, we are confident that with some upgrades to your office lighting, you will see increased productivity, client satisfaction and thus increased business and lower utility costs. Call us today and find out more about how office lighting can make a huge difference.