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Although under cabinet lights are typically used in the kitchen, they can also add function and style to office space, closets, or shelving units. You may have heard of these light fixtures by other names such as undermount lights, task lighting fixtures, or under cupboard lighting, but each of these refers to the same type of lighting. Task lights are closer to where you’re performing a task and the bright, focused illumination is ideal for cooking or working at a desk by making it easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Add Both Function and Style to a Space with Under Cabinet Lights

under cabinet lightsHere are a few tips for choosing the best light fixture for you:

  • For efficiency, select LED lights, which use the minimum amount of electricity.
  • Using a dimmer will maximize the efficiency of your lights and enable you to control the setting and ambience.
  • You many need a lens over the light bulbs if you have granite countertops, which have highly reflective surfaces.
  • LED and fluorescent lights burn cool and don’t give off heat (this is especially important in kitchen areas where perishable food may be stored).
  • LED rope or tape is thin, flexible, and discreet, but doesn’t put off as much light as some other options.

It may be difficult to visualize the impact under cabinet lights can have, but aside from their functionality, they can truly provide an appealing accent to the décor and style of your home. Adding under cabinet lighting is one of the most valuable additions to your home, and should be used in any space where you need task lighting and want a contemporary and subtle look. At 5 Start Electrical LLC, we enjoy the opportunity to focus on the details of your home and look forward to helping you create the function and design that under cabinet lights provide.