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Commercial electrical repairWhen the operations of your business are on the line, you need to have a reliable, professional electrician to take care of your commercial electrical repair needs. This way, you know who to call when electrical problems arise, and you also have someone to complete routine safety checks and evaluate your electrical system regularly to identify and resolve potential problems before they interrupt your business and affect your bottom line.

Whatever your commercial electrical repair needs, a licensed commercial electrician should be able to help. Here are some of the common services provided by a commercial electrician:

  • Inspecting and evaluating the existing electrical system, as well as recommending upgrades and performing the improvements
  • Installing and maintaining safety equipment, like smoke detectors and arc fault circuit interrupters that will automatically shut off your electrical system when hazards are detected
  • Updating or replacing fuse panels with circuit breakers
  • Installing generators or backup batteries to support your business in case of a power failure
  • Installing or repairing light fixtures, including track and recess lighting
  • Installing or repairing telephone and cable lines throughout your business, including cabling for networks and computer connectivity
  • Any needed electrical troubleshooting
  • Installing energy saving appliances or upgrades, like motion sensing lights 

Upgrading the electrical system in your business can actually add value to your investment and save you money while you run your business. Your business may require more power than businesses of the past did, and a commercial electrician can inspect your property, make suggestions about commercial electrical repairs and upgrades that are needed, and potentially save you money and protect your business from electrical failure.