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Help! Do I Need Whole-House Rewiring?

As your home ages, you become aware of a slew of increasingly pressing maintenance needs. Some are easy to attend to immediately, while others can wait while you plan for them. But when it comes to electrical concerns, it’s best not to waste any time. You may have noticed a few symptoms that something’s the matter, and you’re wondering whether you need whole-house rewiring.

Without an opportunity to physically inspect your house wiring, it would be difficult to say whether your house needs full rewiring, but there are signs that will tell you it’s time to call an electrician and find out.

Electrical Hazard Signs You Shouldn’t Overlook

In today’s world, people are so used to having electricity that they’re inclined to forget just how dangerous it can be when things go wrong. It’s time to call your electrician when:

  • Fuses often blow, or breakers regularly trip
  • There are signs of scorching at power outlets
  • Lights flicker or unexpectedly dim
  • Light bulbs frequently burn out
  • You notice a blue flash when plugging appliances in or out
  • There is a scorched smell
  • A power outlet shocks you
  • You hear buzzing or crackling noises

Finally, you may need whole-house rewiring if your home is more than 40 years old. Apart from the possibility that old systems may have dangerous signs of wear, they usually aren’t up-to-code.

Call Us for an Assessment

As your Lakeland, Florida electricians, we’ll inspect your home’s wiring thoroughly to assess whether you need whole-house rewiring. We may just have to rewire a single circuit, or a component of your home’s electrical system could be to blame.

Once our work is complete, you can be confident that your home’s electrical supply is safe. So, if you’re wondering whether your house needs rewiring, it’s time to call us at 5 Star Electrical LLC.