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Restaurant LightingWhen you are setting up the design of your restaurant lighting there are three main areas that you should concentrate on: the design of your lighting, the mood that you want to create, and what the function of your space is going to be.

Consider these three tips when preparing your restaurant for lighting design:

  • Your fixtures and what you want them to look like–What is your décor and what perspective do you want to portray to your customers? Is your restaurant rustic or elegant? Choosing the correct design of your restaurant lighting will help your theme flow from top to bottom.
  • The atmosphere you want—Do you want an elegant restaurant with an intimate atmosphere? Consider ambient lighting in the form of wall sconces, chandeliers, or small lighting aimed directly at the table in soft, warm colors. Is your atmosphere fun, friendly, and upbeat? Consider multiple LED lights that will give your restaurant a clean, energetic atmosphere.
  • Your focal points–If you want a display or a certain piece of artwork to catch your customers’ eyes, highlight it with some unique lighting. Make sure that your lighting does not enhance or draw attention to work areas or the kitchen. You want your focus to be on your atmosphere and décor.

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