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It might surprise you to learn that your patrons really do notice the lighting in your restaurant. They don’t just notice the amount of light — they also notice the fixtures themselves. Furthermore, even if they don’t consciously think about the restaurant lighting, it affects their subconscious mind telling them how much they enjoy being at your restaurant. So, while you are focused on designing the menu, hiring key personnel, and setting up the overall layout, don’t forget to put great thought into the restaurant lighting.

Obviously, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all design for restaurant lighting. Your choices need to match your business concept, theme, and design. Keep in mind that the lighting can serve multiple purposes, such as guiding people through the restaurant and creating the right mood. Something that is often overlooked is making sure the lighting will complement the look of the meals and drinks. You don’t want to paint everything in an unhealthy or otherwise distorted glow.

A unique way to add complexity to your design is to use different lighting fixtures set at different levels to provide varying layers of light. This can help get people looking around, allowing them to take in the full ambiance and increase their dining pleasure.

When you get down to the lighting installation, you need a commercial electrical contractor who understands the nuances of restaurant lighting. Here at 5 Star Electrical LLC, we work with you to get the best lighting effects possible so that your guests will enjoy coming to your restaurant.