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Office LightingThe main way that office lighting can improve the work place is through eyestrain and all of the factors that come with it.  To reduce eyestrain, it is important to reduce glare and have proper brightness and intensity of light.  

  • Glare – If you use computers in your office, it is vital to your eye health to reduce potential glare.  The glare could be coming from windows or from your office lighting.  When glare on a computer screen is not eliminated, headaches and back, neck, and shoulder pain may arise from using a compensating position to see your screen better. 
  • Light Quality – The intensity and type of light that will work best in your office space depends on what type of office you are dealing with.  If computers are used often, the main office lighting should be lower to help prevent glare on computer screens.  On the other hand, if your office uses more books and papers than computers, you may need brighter office lighting.

The key to office lighting is that you need to be able to view your work (in any medium) without straining your eyes.  Lowering the presence of eyestrain can allow for increased productivity and lower instances of eye health problems, headaches, and neck, back, and shoulder pain.

If you think you workplace needs an adjustment in office lighting, contact our electricians at 5 Star Electrical LLC to discuss your options.