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What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Office Lighting and Productivity

You already know that working in dim light is bad for your eyes, and you may have noticed that you tend to feel drowsier in dimly-lit spaces, but overly harsh light can be just as bad. What’s more, office lighting impacts directly on productivity.

When the Reno Post Office improved its lighting design, the productivity of its mail-sorting personnel soared – and so did their accuracy. Figures showed that they became the most accurate sorting team in the Western part of the country. As a cherry on the top, using the latest office lighting technology slashed energy consumption by $50,000 per year.

The Science of Office Lighting

With business owners realizing that they could be unlocking improved productivity and substantial energy savings by improving office lighting, the research community has been busy finding out what works best. Thanks to their investigations, we now know a lot more about office lighting than we did just a decade or two ago. For example:

  • Dim light increases fatigue and affects concentration
  • Overly bright light causes eyestrain and has been linked to migraines
  • 68% of employees are unhappy with their office’s lighting
  • Companies like Lockheed Martin and West Bend Mutual Insurance report a 15% or greater rise in productivity with improved office lighting.

Great Looks, Energy Savings, Plus Productivity Boost

There are three reasons why companies are paying attention to office lighting design: they want to create a good impression on clients, they want to cut energy bills, and they want to boost productivity. If your employees are struggling with low light, or if you’re still using old-fashioned overhead fluorescent lights, it’s time to call us. Your employees will thank you, and their improved work performance will benefit your business.