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WHOLE-HOUSE RE-WIRING IN TAMPA, FLORIDAIf you have an older home, you may be wondering if the next update you need to make is whole-house re-wiring. While it seems like a daunting task, there are reasons and signs that you should get this done and perhaps even urgently. Old wiring can be very dangerous and put you and your family at risk. Here are some things to look for and consider.

What type of wiring does your home have? During a short period of time – 1965 to 1973 – some homes were built using aluminum wiring. This practice was abandoned because it was determined that aluminum wiring can overheat and lead to fires. If you have aluminum wiring, you should consider whole-house re-wiring to replace it.

Do you deal with tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses often? This is usually a sign that you are putting more of a power load on the electrical system than it can handle. This can happen even in newer homes because most households use far more appliances and electrical devices than they did a few years back. Building codes have not yet caught up with this increased need. You may not need a whole-house re-wiring in a newer home; just the addition of a couple extra circuits if your circuit main panel can handle it. An older home may have wiring where each circuit is underpowered and should be rewired so whole-house re-wiring becomes more likely.

Do you notice a burning smell or discolored outlets? This indicates a serious problem and you should call an electrician immediately. While it could just be a bad outlet or other minor repair, it is possible you have a serious fire hazard situation that requires re-wiring.

Rather than run the risk of losing your home, or worse endangering your family, give us a call at 5 Star Electrical LLC. We will inspect your Tampa, Florida home and let you know whether we recommend a few repairs or if whole-house re-wiring is your best and safest bet.