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Whole-House Surge ProtectionA power surge is a sudden increase or spike of voltage.  Although some surges are noticeable, there are others that are small enough to damage household items little by little without you even knowing it.  Whole-house surge protection will help protect your household items including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Stove
  2. Washer
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Microwave
  5. Refrigerator
  6. Washing Machine
  7. Furnace
  8. Computer
  9. Television
  10. Stereo

With a large power surge, appliances and other electronic devices can have their electronic circuitry fried all at once, causing them to no longer work.  Smaller surges slowly damage the electronic circuitry and over time will lessen the life of your appliances and electronic devices.

Plugging an appliance or electronic device into a surge protector is a step in the right direction; however, whole-house surge protection is the best way to ensure everything is safe.  At 5 Star Electrical LLC, we install whole-house surge protection devices that protect in three different areas of your home.  The first is located at your utility meter, the second is at your main service panel, and the third is where your various electronic devices and appliances are located.  Contact our professional electricians today for more information.