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Whole-House Surge ProtectionToday, more than ever before, your home is vulnerable to power surges that can leave your appliances in need of costly repairs or even complete replacement. When a power surge strikes your home, it can pass through your main line and your breaker box, and follow your electrical lines directly to your appliances and other electronic devices plugged into your outlets. The best way to keep this from happening is with a whole-house surge protection network.

Each home has a variety of electrical uses and we understand that electrical needs vary from home to home. We are dedicated to evaluating your electrical needs and devising a network that will give you peace of mind and your appliances the added protection they deserve with a whole-house surge protection network.

There are three common devices used in a whole-house surge protection network. One is installed at your utility meter, another is installed at your main electrical panel, and the final one is plugged into your appliances. These devices work together to create a unique surge protection network that will leave your home protected from unexpected harmful surges. During your whole-house surge protection evaluation, we will discuss the benefits of each of these devices and evaluate your total network needs.

If you are concerned about your appliances being damaged by unexpected surges, call us today at 5 Star Electrical LLC to set up a whole-house surge protection evaluation. We look forward to hearing from you!