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If you’ve got sophisticated appliances and electronics – highly likely in today’s world – you really should safeguard them with whole house surge protection. An electrical surge can happen in milliseconds – that’s one-thousandth of the time it takes to blink! Maybe your computer locks for no apparent reason, or you see the lights flicker; maybe you don’t notice anything. However, that tiny spike in the power flowing through the wiring in your home can have huge consequences.

whole house surge protectionBecause power surges don’t pose fire hazards, whole house surge protection isn’t required by homeowner’s insurance or building codes. But it is recommended by many entities, including the Institute for Business and Home Safety and the National Fire Protection Association. It is readily available, and even top-of-the-range systems are affordable. Two-tiered protection is the gold standard, consisting of a device installed at the circuit breaker box, plus plug-in protectors at individual outlets.

A whole house surge protection system can safeguard against up to 40,000 amps of power entering your home. That’s huge when you consider that typical household power ranges from 200 – 300 amps. When a surge occurs from damage to a power line or from a lightning strike, the surge protection device identifies the excess current and diverts it safely.

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