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protection against power surges

Do you remember your grandparents or even your parents investing in or talking about wishing they had whole-house surge protection? Probably not. So why is everyone saying it is so important these days when previous generations seemed to manage just fine without it?

Is the weather causing more power surges? Is the power company messing up more? Is there too much drain on the power grid? While some of these could affect the frequency of power surges, the answer for why you need whole-house surge protection actually lies in the difference between the appliances they owned and what is on the market today. Nearly every appliance and electronic in your home has sensitive computer chips and other components that are highly sensitive to even small power surges. While each surge doesn’t necessarily knock them out, it can shorten its lifespan.

Another reason to have whole-house surge protection is the high price tag involved with replacing electronics, especially computers and appliances. You want to get the longest life possible from large investments so protecting the components is a smart move.

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